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Installing Your Wood Countertop


Proper installation of your new wood countertop will ensure that it will provide you with a lifetime of use and enjoyment. The following installation procedure will cover the installation for the majority of wood surface applications. If your application won’t allow you to follow this process, then please call us to review acceptable alternative installations. Failure to follow these installation instructions will void the warranty and could lead to surface irregularities, warping, cracking, and/or splitting.

  1. Proper countertop installation begins with proper cabinet installation.  Make sure that the cabinets are flat and level.  For bar top  or raised countertop applications, please place and secure all corbels, decorative legs, or brackets prior to place your wood countertop.
  2. Drill 3/4″ to 1″ holes in your cabinet stretchers at the front and rear stretcher every 24″ and within 4″ of all sides (where applicable).  The stretchers vary by manufacturer but are typically 3″ – 4″ wide boards that span the cabinet width.  Alternatively, your cabinets may be equipped with mounting blocks that run diagonally in the corners.  The procedure is the same.
  3. Position your countertop in place.  Make sure you double-check your overhangs so the surface is properly aligned.  For countertops that butt to walls – any trimming or fine tuning necessary to follow wall undulations should be done now and test fitted before securing your top.
  4. With your countertop in proper position, pre-drill holes for fasteners in the wood countertop (typically, 1/8″ drill bit will work).  Make sure you go through the holes in the cabinet stretchers, as this is where the countertop will connect to the cabinets.  The fasteners used should penetrate the countertop by at least 3/4″.  Take precautions to make sure you do not pre-drill too deeply and come through the surface of the countertop.  Proper measuring and setting of your drill bit will protect against this.
  5. With your fastener holes drilled, add washers to your screws and tighten.  Do not over-tighten the screws as this will not allow for seasonal wood movement.  Your installation is complete.

Special Installation Considerations


Never use glue or liquid nails to secure your wood countertop. It will not let the countertop expand and contract with seasonal movement and will cause catastrophic failures.

For installations over dishwashers, microwaves, warming drawers, and/or wine fridges – a heat shield must be installed to protect the wood countertop from heat and steam. Aluminum sheet metal, trim coil, or speciality products such as Reflectix© should be used.

Dabs of silicone caulking (100 % silicone with no latex) may be used for applications where it is not an option to screw down your countertop. Do not run a continuous bead of caulking as this will interfere with seasonal movement.

Slight warping may develop during transportation or as your countertop acclimates to a new environment. Typically, these undulations can be alleviated during installation. If unsuccessful with fasteners, warped tops should be allowed to acclimate for 2-3 days. The best practice is to prop the countertop up so air movement will be equal on the top and bottom side.

A Word About Seasonal Movement


Seasonal wood movement is unstoppable and must be accounted for. Much care has be used in the storage of the raw wood used in the fabrication of your countertop. We also take great care in packaging and transportation of your custom wood surface to make sure it arrives to you in pristine condition. However, your top will continue to expand and contract with the seasons forever, so be aware of this fact and make sure to follow our installation procedure.

Please contact us if you do not understand the installation instructions, or are in need of additional help.  Failure to properly install you wood countertop will void the warranty.

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