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1. Select a Wood Species for your Countertop


Counter Top Wood Species

95% of the wood countertops we build are finished naturally (without any stain) so the wood you select should have a color that will go with your decor.  This should be your first selection as it will have the largest impact on the overall cost of the piece.  Please view the wood species page for more information on the different woods we routinely work with.


2. Select Countertop Construction Style and Thickness 


Maple-Walnut checkerboard

Choosing a construction style and thickness should be your next step in custom designing a wood surface.  Wood countertops can be built in many different ways but three distinct construction styles are the most prevalent – flat grain, edge grain, and end grain (butcher block).  Increasing the thickness beyond the standard 1.5” thick can dramatically affect the appearance of the top and make it stand out in a room.  We have more information on construction styles and thicknesses on our construction styles page.


3.  Select an Edge Treatment


Walnut Flat King

Edge treatments can convey simplicity or elegance, so this selection is important in coordinating your wood countertop with your existing or new décor.  We typically work from twenty different edge treatments and can apply custom edge treatments.  More information on our edge treatments can be found here.


4.  Countertop Wood Finishes  


Plantation teak edge with sink

We have two finish options and this mostly revolves around how you want to use your wood countertop – as a furniture-like piece, or as a hard-working, chopping surface.  Our finish options page has more information on these two distinctly different types of finish.


5.  Special Countertop Design Options


Ingerwensen Black Oak Top

Shapes, juice grooves, drain channels, knife slots, inlays, and borders are just some of the different design options at our disposal.  Please visit our special design options page for more information.

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