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Dealer Testimonials

Get great wood countertops

Dealer Testimonials

I’ve dealt with a few other wood countertop companies and had some built by local woodworkers.  Without a doubt, the Southside Woodshop has been our best experience and will be our only source for wooden surfaces in the future.

– a dealer in Northern, New Jersey


Dealer testimonials

I was a little apprehensive about offering wood countertops as the costs are a little outside of the modest budgets of most of our customers.  I wasn’t sure if this would be realistic to sell more than one or two a year.  But, like many of the advertising opportunities that I’m presented with on a weekly basis, all I have to do is sell one job to make it worth it, so we ordered a sample kit and put it in our showroom.  Well, the sample kit has really turned some heads and, while it is still beyond the budgets of most of our customers, we have sold six tops in nine months and plan on taking it to our home show in the spring.  The product and service are great.  I really like dealing directly with Jud (the owner) as I can trust the information I’m being presented with and his expertise has helped with design concerns and options.  I look forward to doing business with again and again with the Southside Woodshop.

– a dealer in Virginia Beach, VA


When Jud asked me for a testimonial we agreed that I would write up an experience that is not common for The Southside Woodshop.  They screwed up.  I discovered that the sink opening was cut one inch too wide when I test fitted the sink prior to taking it to my customer’s house.  When I called Jud to notify him of their mistake he accepted full responsibility and we had a new top in our possession in less than a week (he told me they worked over the weekend to amend their mistake as quickly as possible).  They are superstars.  My customer was very pleased with the final product and I was very impressed with how they handled this situation.  Everybody makes mistakes but how these mistakes are handled is what separates good companies from bad.

– a dealer in Chicago, IL


Jud – Just for the record, I’m the one that incorrectly transposed the sink opening.